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How to recognize GUY LAROCHE perfumes

Guy Laroche's notable perfumes are: Fidji (year 1966), L'Eau Folle (1970), Drakkar (1972), J'ai Osè (1977), Drakkar Noir (1982), Clandestine (1986), Horizon (1993). 
Most of  scents had the "copyright" indication, including the year ("Copyright Parfums Guy Laroche, year xxxx")


(since 1979: "EMB code" reported on the box. If
 you don't see the EMB code, it means "before 1979")
Then, you have to check the 2nd letter of the code.

1981    UAxx  or SAxx
1982    UBxx  or SBxx
1983    UCxx  or SCxx
1984    UDxx  
1985    UExx
1986    UFxx
1987    UGxx
1988    UHxx
1989    UJxx 
1990    UKxx
1991    ULxx
(changing address on the box
from:: "9, AVENUE MATIGNON" or  "29 Rue Faubourg St. Honorè"
to: "16, PLACE VENDOME")
1992    UMxx
(here 5-digits batchcode begins)
1993    UNxxx 
1994    UPxxx
1995    UQxxx
1996    URxxx
1997    USxxx
1998    UTxxx
1999    UUxxx
2000    UVxxx
(changing distribution:
before year 2000: distributed by "Cosmair";
since 2000: distributed by "LLC Luxury products")
2001    UWxxx
2002    UXxxx
2003    UYxxx  (UZ apparently not used)
2004    UAxxx
(here: the long list of ingredients appears on the box)
2005    UBxxx
2006    UCxxx
2007    UDxxx
2008    UExxx
2009    UFxxx
2010    UGxxx or 38Gxxx
2011    UHxxx or 38Hxxx

"Fidji" Parfum, early bottle

FIDJI advertisement year 1977
You can read the word "Paris" on the bottle
written in Script ("lowercase") letters

Fidji advertisement Year 1982. You can read the word "Paris" on the bottle
written in Capital ("uppercase") letters 

"J'Ai Osè", copyright 1977 (from Ebay)
Address "9, avenue Matignon"

"Fidji" Parfum
edition year 1984

"Fidji" Parfum, Copyright year 1984

Fidji Parfum
Copyright year 1984
batch UE1B = year 1985

"Fidji", copyright year 1984
Parfums et Beaute & Cie,  Rue Fg.St. Honorè

Fidji Parfum
batch UF1E = year 1986

Fidji Eau de Parfum
 Copyright Year 1984, Avenue Matignon
batch code UG1F = year 1987

Early "Drakkar Noir",
batch SB3E painted on the bottom =  year 1982

(notice the textures all over the box)

Early Drakkar Noir box and bottle,
batch SB3E = year 1982

(notice the textures all over the box)

(from Ville "Dofa91", Basenotes)
Typical Drakkar Noir box
 first edition (1981-1988)

(from Ville "Dofa91", Basenotes)
Drakkar Noir bottle, with unusual batch MHID = probably year 1988

(from Ville "Dofa91", Basenotes)
Typical Drakkar Noir box, first edition (1981-1988)

DRAKKAR NOIR apparently had 7 different boxes
year 1981, year 1989, year 1996, year 1998
year 1999, year 2004, year 2010


"Clandestine", batch UFAG = year 1986

batch UGxx = year 1987

Drakkar Noir, address "9 Avenue Matignon" (until 1991)
"copyright Parfums Guy Laroche 1989"
batch UKxx = year 1990

Horizon , batch UM193 = year 1993 
NEW address 16 Place Vendome (since 1992)
(first time with 5-digits batchcode)

batch UM193 = year 1993

 (first time with 5-digits batchcode)

(from Ebay ) Drakkar Noir,
copyright "Parfums Guy Laroche, 1996"

(from Ebay) Drakkar Noir
batch UU105 = year 1999

Drakkar Noir,
typical Guy Laroche box, year 1998

"Fidji" with short list of ingredients on the box
distributed by Cosmair( = before year 2000)

(from Ebay) Fidji
After 2005 with "long list of ingredients" on the box

Drakkar Noir
year 2010 (on left) and year 2004 (on right)
Drakkar Noir, year 2004

Drakkar Noir
year 2010

Drakkar Noir
batch 38H201 = year 2011



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  1. Hello , I own a bottle of Clandestine , batch code UE4E so , it should be from 1985 ... But I read it was launched in 1986 ...

    1. Hi Irene, sorry for late reply. You did a good observation, and there are two possibilities. The first: Clandestine was prepared during the last months of 1985 and "launched" early in 1986. Batch code is always about the prepation, not the "selling date". Since perfume houses rarely reveal their "batch codes", it's remotely possible that UExxx means 1985 instead of 1986. But in this case only a few months of difference are not so important. Thank you again for your contribution.

  2. Hello. Thank you for great information. I have two bottles of Drakkar Noir EDT 50ml splash (Batchs UW18R and UX074 from year 2001 and 2002 ) and they was distributed by Cosmair. I have EDT 100 ml spray with batch UY322 (2003, copyright 1998) distributed by Cosmair also. Is it true that distributor is LLC Luxury Products from year 2000?


    1. Hi, it means that a few old boxes were utilized later.
      It is a common practice, to not to discard old materials.

  3. Hi there -
    I am wondering if you can help me with something? You have a terrific website and I have found it most informative. I am wondering if you are able to tell me when the original formula for Fidji finished and the first year of release for the new Fidji? I can't seem to find it anywhere but understand there are two distinct Fidjis on the market - one the original, vintage and the other the new, lighter release. If you can help, that would be wonderful.
    Many thanks.
    Cheers -

    1. Dear Miss Bloomfield,
      since Fidji suffered at least 5 different reformulations, I would recommend earlier versions, i.e. all bottles produced before the 1990s. Simply check for the old address "Rue Matignon", reported on the box.


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