lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Cinescent: Rubj VS. Irma la Douce (by Gabriela Guidetti)

Rubj (Vero.Profumo, 2007) 
Irma la Douce (Billy Wilder, 1963)

Nestor: Pardon me, do you have a licence?
Irma (walking her dog): A licence? No.
Nestor: It's a violation of ordinance No. 56
Irma: Oh, usually they let us get away with it. 
Nestor: Not me. And according to the law, you're supposed to keep it on a leash. 
Irma: On a leash?
(from Irma la Douce)

If there is a director that challenged common morality during his age, that was Billy Wilder, the master who directed movies imbued with biting humour, disregarding any rule or convention. 

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