mercoledì 30 marzo 2016

SMELL FESTIVAL 2016 : Magiae Naturalis.

  Illustrazione © Georges Bousquet - Casajordi.

The perfume of Smell Festival 2016 is “Magiae Naturalis”.
From May 18 to 22, 2016, Bologna once again welcomes “Smell – Festival dell'Olfatto”, the event dedicated to the sense of smell and the art of perfume. “Magiae Naturalis” has been chosen as the theme for the VII edition. With international guests, exhibits and paths dedicated to botanical perfumery, the Festival celebrates the “Perfumer-Magician” and Nature, the inevitable reference point for any fragrance lover.

mercoledì 23 marzo 2016

A cup of coffee with...VERO KERN (March, 2016)

“What a nice interview! Thank you very much!
 I highly appreciated the original, 
non-stereotyped questions about perfumery -
  it was a real pleasure for me to answer.”   

Vero Kern, March 2016

Today I meet a dear friend, a perfume Lady who, in a few years, has given us some of the most fascinating fragrances of contemporary olfactory landscape: she's Vero Kern. From her native Switzerland, Vero has been able to spread over the air not only the unique aroma of her creations, but also the love for a research that turned her passion into art……

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