lunedì 28 aprile 2014

AMAZONE (Hermes, 1974): 40-years Tribute.

"Amazone", by Hermès
year 1974 (reportedly reformulated in 1989)
Noses: Maurice Maurin (1974 version); Jean Claude Ellena (1989)

Official olfactive pyramid:
Top Notes: Bergamot, Geranium, Hyacinth, BlackCurrant.
Middle: Muguet, Orris. Rose, Jasmin
Base : Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Amber.
(please note: you will find several other "olfactive pyramids" with different compositions)

Longevity: high (both versions)
Sillage: very high (both versions)
Vote: 10/10 (both versions '1974' and '1989')

mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

"SOS Perfumes" initiative.

Consumers' Initiative for the Protection of Perfumes as a Cultural Asset advocates an alternate modification of Regulation EC No. 1223/2009 on Cosmetics Products, and hereby objects to the changes currently proposed, which would render colourless the range of European perfumery.

venerdì 11 aprile 2014

How to recognize GUY LAROCHE perfumes

Guy Laroche's notable perfumes are: Fidji (year 1966), L'Eau Folle (1970), Drakkar (1972), J'ai Osè (1977), Drakkar Noir (1982), Clandestine (1986), Horizon (1993). 
Most of  scents had the "copyright" indication, including the year ("Copyright Parfums Guy Laroche, year xxxx")

martedì 8 aprile 2014

CORIOLAN (Guerlain, 1998)

Top: Bergamot, lemon, neroli, clary sage,
Heart: Ginger, Juniper, nutmeg, ylang-ylang, 
Base: Patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, benzoin,
Nose : Jean Paul Guerlain
year: 1998
Longevity high (7 hours)
Sillage: high
Rating: 10/10

An unique bottle, an extraordinary scent, a long and incredible drydown, an unusual history, a resounding commercial failure. "Coriolan", a masculine scent from Guerlain, launched in 1998, was all these things, and even more.

martedì 1 aprile 2014

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