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AMAZONE (Hermes, 1974): 40-years Tribute.

"Amazone", by Hermès
year 1974 (reportedly reformulated in 1989)
Noses: Maurice Maurin (1974 version); Jean Claude Ellena (1989)

Official olfactive pyramid:
Top Notes: Bergamot, Geranium, Hyacinth, BlackCurrant.
Middle: Muguet, Orris. Rose, Jasmin
Base : Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Amber.
(please note: you will find several other "olfactive pyramids" with different compositions)

Longevity: high (both versions)
Sillage: very high (both versions)
Vote: 10/10 (both versions '1974' and '1989')

I would want to offer a pictorial tribute for the "40-years Anniversary" of this marvelous scent (1974-2014), remembering first its creator Maurice Maurin, who passed away just a few months ago. Here you can read the hommage dedicated to him. 
He was creator of "Amazone" by Hermès, "Acteur" by Azzaro, and others; and author of renowned book "La Sagesse du Créateur de Parfum" ("The Wisdom of a Perfume creator")

Maurice Maurin (1936-2013)
If you want to read some "Amazone" reviews, others wrote excellent ones, for example on "Yesterday's Perfume", "The Non-Blonde", " 1000scents" and others. Simply go and Google it.
Since a few days ago I posted a gas-chromatography analysis about vintage Amazone EdT,  describing how many precious ingredients it contains, this time I'll just show some pictures.
Here's to you, hence, my personal 100-pictures Tribute to a great perfume. A Tribute to "Amazone". 

How to recognize vintage AMAZONE
at a glance
SINCE 1979: EMB code on the box
BEFORE 1979: without EMB code on the box
(in this picture a bottle batched "year 1982")

AFTER 1983-1984
 the "circled nr. 90" disappear (lower box),
it's the alcohol vol.

(from Ebay) pure parfum spray.

(from Ebay) Amazone "aerospray" bottle

(from Ebay) Amazone "brown and blue" box edition, 
(2nd half Eighties)

Amazone second serie, since 1990 (reformulated version)

Amazone third serie, after year 2002.

from Ebay, recheargeable EDT

from Ebay , recheargeable Amazione Parfum

(from Ebay), year 1974 advertisement

(from Ebay) year 1975 advertisement

(from Ebay) year 1976 advertisement

(from Ebay), year 1977

From Ebay, year 1978 advertisement

(from Ebay) year 1980 advertisement

(from Ebay) Christmas 1980 advertisement

(from Ebay) Year 1981 advetisement
(from Ebay), year 1982

(from Ebay), year 1983

(from Eaby) Amazone, year 1991 adevertisement

(from Ebay) year 1994: Amazone Fraicheur

(from Ebay) year 1998

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