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How to recognize GIVENCHY perfumes.

Hubert de Givenchy, one of the most classy and elegant men in the world, founded his own fashion company in 1952, and "Parfums Givenchy" in 1957. During early years Givenchy perfumes were produced at Balenciaga factories, then, since 1968, produced in its own facilities.
In 1981 Givenchy company entered in "Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin" industrial group, then, in 1986, LVMH acquired the entire VC-P group (and Givenchy, too).

About the batch codes: GIVENCHY perfumes use the traditional numbered code, with or without letters. The first number is the most important and means "the year".
Please note: during the Seventies many perfumes were "blended" in USA and sold under the denomination "Parfums Givenchy, Inc., New York". These U.S.-made perfumes had different batchcodes, and datation could be empirical.

Regarding traditional "made in France" bottles, batches from 1980 until 2001 sport 4, 5 or 6 numbers and, in some cases, one letter.
Since 1979-1980 all Givenchy boxes sport the EMB code, and since 1990 the traditional barcode.
Since 2002 you will find the traditional 4-digits LVMH code : from 2002 to 2008 , using the first half of alphabet (letters A-M); then since 2008, using the second half (letters N-Z).
However, especially for older, vintage bottles, you should check other clues. I strongly suggest to check tutorial pictures for better understanding.


CLUES for GIVENCHY Perfumes (only "Made in France" bottles):
(First thing to do: you should know the year of launch)
EMB code : if you see the EMB code on the box, it means = after 1978.
BARCODE : if you see the barcode on the box, it means = after 1990
"BEAUVEX": if you notice  -rarely- this word, it was used in 1993-2002.
ALLERGENS LIST ("long list of ingredients") : if you see it, it means = after 2005
Need more help? see tutorial pics below


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(remember: the first number is the year)

The EMB code, used since 1979-1980.
Lower box is without EMB code,
so you date it roughly around the Seventies

Monsieur Givenchy, (without barcode on the box)
batch F51474 = year 1985

(without barcode)
Batch F60062 = year 1986

WARNING: Xeryus (without barcode)
on box F71042, but on bottle 71042 

( letters sometimes are missing )
= year 1987

Eau de Givenchy (no barcode)
batch F81821 = year 1988

Givenchy III (no barcode)
batch F92565 = year 1989

(from Ebay) Amarige (launched in 1991)
 batch 22592 =year 1992

(from Ebay) L'Interdit 2 (launched in 1993)
batch 329xx = year 1993

(from Ebay) Fleurs d'Interdit (launched in 1994)
batch 54920 = year 1995

(from Ebay) Fleurs d'Interdit (launched in 1994)
batch 811990 = year 1998

(from Ebay) Hot Couture (launched in 2000)
batch 009090 = year 2000

SINCE 2002
traditional LVMH 4-digits batch code
(2002-2007 : letters A-M)
Eau Torride, batch 2F01 = year 2002


SINCE 2008 : 2nd half of Alphabet (letters N-Z)

(from Ebay) Amarige Mimosa,
batch 8N01 = year 2008

(from Ebay) Pi,
batch 9Z02 = year 2009
(from Ebay)
batch 1S01 = year 2011

10 commenti:

  1. Please could you estimate the year for a bottle of Le De Givenchy with a batch number F40092. Thanks

    1. Hi, it *could* be year 1984. You should check clues on the box if you have it.
      If there is no barcode, it's 1984,
      if there is the barcode, it's 1994.

  2. Please could you estimate the year for a bottle of Givenchy Gentleman with a batch number F20142 and EMB60057C (no barcode). Thanks

  3. Please could you verify the date of a bottle of Ysatis EDT? The box has a barcode and BEAUVEX on the front, and the batch number is 111472. From your list of clues (thank you) I estimate 2001 - am I correct?

    1. Nice to hear you! The answer is yes! it should be year 2001. The bottle should be black (not purple) and the 4-G Givenchy logo should be in the upper part of the box.

    2. Yes, the box matches your description. Thanks for your reply!

  4. Hi, Firstly I have to say I love your blog it's an invaluable resource. I was hoping you could help how to recognize an older bottle of Organza. I'm trying to help a friend locate a bottle it's her favourite perfume. The one she has is the dark juice with batch code 012026, (i think this is from 2000). When did Givenchy make the switch from the red logo at the top of the box to the red logo at the bottom and now currently the gold at the bottom i think. This would be much appreciated!!


    1. Hi Anastasia, there are a lot of difficulties dating a bottle simply looking at he box, because old boxes could be used for years and years (until end of old stocks) alongside with the new ones. So, It's preferable to check the batch code. In your case 012026 means correctly year 2000.

    2. Thanks for taking the time to respond Andre, much appreciated! Good point about the boxes, never thought of that.



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