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How to recognize GUCCI perfumes.

"Dating" Gucci perfumes can be a very, very difficult task due to extremely intricated story of House of Gucci during decades.
Therefore, similarly to what was done with Jean Patou perfumes (read here the marvellous story-interview), we received some help from signor Ernesto, an old employee at Gucci in Florence, now retired, who helped us to solve many controversial aspects.
Dating Gucci perfumes can make you fool, because you have to "decipher" same numbers during different periods. 
One of the most famous example is batchcode "0163": it could mean year 2003 (Wella-type batchcodes, you have to check the last number) or year 2010 (Procter&Gamble-type ones, you have to check the first number).... 
So, in an attempt to "date" all Gucci perfumes, we have to proceed in a rather unusual way: "period-by-period" and "scent-by-scent".
But, after all, as signor Ernesto said us: " many cases, you can rely on the clues on the boxes, i.e. addresses, distributors, labels, more than the batchcodes..."
Follow us in this long and a bit complicate road.
Alba, Laura, & Roberta.

Read carefully the Clues!

-Bar-codes on the box: since 1990.
-Greendot : since 1992.
-Allergens list (or "long list of ingredients"): since 2004-2005.

From 1972 to 1993 you read: "Scannon, Le Parfums Gucci".
From 1993 to 2010 you will read simply "Scannon".
From 2010 to 2015: "P&G Prestige".
Since 2015: "Coty".

Addresses on the box:
if: "Scannon, Rue de Castiglione": years 1997- 2002
if: "Scannon, Rue Francois 1er": years 2003-2008
if: "Scannon, Rue de Miromesnil": 2008-2011 (and beyond..)
Then, "P&G Prestige" label gradually appeared since 2008 
Then, "Coty" label, since 2015.

REMEMBER: many perfumes after 2010 continued to use old "Scannon/Wella" boxes instead of "P&G" ones. In these cases, you have to rely on the batchcode...... 

Another clue is the different Distributor (used until 2003)
From 1972 to 1993 : "Distributed by Scannon Ltd" (in USA) or "Scannon SA" (Europe), or by "International Perfumes", or without any distributor.
1987-2003 : "Distributed by Colonia SpA" (in Italy)
1993-1996 : "Distributed by Stern Fragrances" (in USA)
1996-2003 : "Distributed by Intercosmetics" (in USA)

Batchcodes style:
From 1994 to 2006 : Wella-style (same of Rochas, SEE HERE)
From 2006 to 2015 : Procter&Gamble-style (4-numbers batchcode: first number indicates the year)

Remember: during transition days, you can easily find old/new boxes using old/new batchcodes.


Now, a short timetable.... dates and perfumes.

1972: Gucci makes a 10-years agreement with Scannon fragrance group.
1972: "Gucci", also known as "Parfum 1" (discontinued in 1992)
1976: Gucci pour Homme (discontinued in 1990)

1982: Renewed agreement with Scannon, including relaunch and repackaging of previous perfumes.
1982: Eau de Gucci concentrèe (discontinued in 1992)
1985: Gucci nr.3 (discontinued in 1999)

1980s: Years of complicate moves. 
Mennen buy Scannon Fragrance Group. 
Colonia Inc. (later "Muelhens Inc.") buy Scannon (and all Gucci perfumes) from Mennen.
1988: Gucci Nobile (discontinued in 2003)
1991: Gucci L'Arte (discontinued in 1993)

1993: "Investcorp" group buy 100% and fully owns Gucci brand, beginning a drastic cost-cutting operation. 
1994: Wella acquires Muelhens (including Scannon and Gucci perfumes). 
Wella will produce all Gucci perfumes (under the Scannon label) from 1994 to 2004.
1993: Eau de Gucci (relaunched and tweaked from old 1982 version), discontinued in 2002.

1994: Tom Ford appointed as Gucci Creative Director until 2004. He will supervision all Gucci perfumes from 1997 ("Envy") until 2004 ("Envy Me").
1995: Gucci Accenti (discontinued in 2003)
1997: Envy (discontinued in 2011)
1998: Envy for Men (discontinued in 2011)

1999: PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute) acquires 42% of Gucci, merging in PPR-Gucci (Gucci perfumes are still produced by Wella, and always under the Scannon label)
1999: Rush (still being produced in 2017)
2000: Rush for Men (discontinued in 2011)
2001: Rush 2 (discontinued in 2011)
2002: Gucci Eau de Parfum  (discontinued in 2011)

2004: PPR acquires 99% of Gucci, and Gucci perfumes are sold to Procter&Gamble (P&G).
2003: Gucci Eau de Parfum 2 (still being produced in 2017)
2003: Gucci pour Homme  (discontinued in 2011)
2003: Gucci Rush Summer (limited edition, discontinued)
2004: Envy Me (still being produced in 2017)
2006: Envy Me 2 (discontinued in 2011)
during 2006 there is batchcode shift from Wella to P&G
2007: Gucci pour Homme 2  (still being produced in 2017)       
2007: Gucci By Gucci 
2008: Gucci By Gucci (for Men)
2009: Gucci Flora
2010: Gucci Guilty
2010: Gucci by Gucci Sport
and many others .....

Since 2008: all "new" scents (i.e GucciByGucci, Gucci Flora, Gucci Guilty etc...) were launched with the new P&G label,
BUT: many "old" perfumes continued to use old boxes ("Scannon SA, address Rue de Miromesnil") in 2011, 2012, 2013, etc..  
and finally....
2015: Procter&Gamble sells Gucci perfumes to Coty                                                                  


The early days....

GUCCI (1972) (also known as: "Parfum 1", for women).
discontinued in 1992.
Available as Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Cologne, and Eau Fraiche.
Different letterings: 
"Gucci" (early bottles)
"Gucci Parfum 1" 
"Gucci Parfum N°1" (late bottles)

Gucci nr 1, year 1976
Eau de Parfum Atomiseur/Airspray
Parfum splash
Eau de Parfum splash

Gucci, EdP, year 1979

Early bottle , 60 ml / 2 oz. splash

(from Ebay) Gucci parfum 1, spray

Parfum 1, EdP, splash

Parfum 1 EdP, box

Parfum N°1 (late bottle)

Parfum N°1 box (late bottle)
Gucci N°1, EdP, 60ml splash bottle

(from Ebay) Splash-on Cologne

Eau Fraiche

Gucci Parfum 1, Eau de Parfum, mid 1980s,
with unusual superimposed sticker


GUCCI pour Homme (1976) ("the first one"): 
discontinued in 1990.
1st serie, "rectangular" bottle: years 1976-1981
2nd serie, rounded "belt" bottle: years 1982-1990 

Gucci pour Homme Ad, year 1976

Gucci pour Homme Ad, year 1981

Gucci pour Homme, first serie, rectangular bottle

Gucci pour Homme spray, 2nd serie, rounded, "belt" bottle

Gucci pour Homme spray, 2nd serie, "belt" bottle

Gucci pour homme, year 1987

Gucci pour Homme 2nd serie (1982-1990)
Typical box and bottle 

-------------------------------------------------- 1982 we launched Eau de Gucci for women and relaunch all previous perfumes (Parfum1 and Gucci pour Homme) with new package and new bottles....


EAU DE GUCCI ("Eau de Gucci Concentrèe" or "Concentrated") for women
Launched in 1982, discontinued in 1993.

Relaunched in 1993 as "Eau de Gucci", same name but tweaked scent. 




60ml Splash bottle

120ml Splash Bottle

250ml Splash bottle

Label under the bottle

Eau de Gucci Concentrèe, 25ml, refillable spray,
late bottle, year 1992


GUCCI N.3 (1985) for women
discontinued in 1999.

Gucci nr.3 late bottle with address Rue de Castiglione

Gucci nr. 3
address "Rue de Castiglione" = 1997-1999

Year 1987 ad

Year 1990 ad


discontinued in 2003

Gucci Nobile distributed in Italy by Colonia SpA
(label with greendot = after 1992)

Gucci Nobile
distributed in USA by Stern, years 1993-1996

Gucci Nobile, distributed by Intecosmetics (1997-2003)

Gucci Nobile, address Rue de Castiglione,
batch 30290 = year 2000

Year 1989 Ad


The bad days..... 
Beginning of Nineties was the worst period in Gucci History. A lot of financial problems and family feuds affected the house, and bankruptcy was behind the corner... 


GUCCI  L'ARTE  (1991)
Launched in 1991, without the involvement of Gucci's house, it was a major selling failure, almost immediately discontinued. This is the last Gucci perfume with the wording "Scannon Les parfums Gucci" on the box.
Available in different bottles for EdT and EdP, splash and spray.

Gucci l'Arte (1991) dist. by Scannon 


EAU de GUCCI (1993)
It was a tweaking of 1982 scent (without the word concentrèe ). Available as EdT only.
Discontinued in 2003

You could read on the box or bottle
"Distributed by Stern Fragrances" (1993-1996) or
"Distributed by Intercosmetics" (1996-2003)

Eau de Gucci (edition 1993), year 1993

Eau de Gucci, 50ml, year 1993

Eau de Gucci (1993), address Rue de Castiglione
distributed by Intercosmetics,  year 1998


Launched in 1995, discontinued in 2003. 
Available as EdT and Perfume.

You could read on the box or bottle
"Distributed by Stern Fragrances" (1993-1996) or
"Distributed by Intercosmetics" (1996-2003)

Gucci Accenti, year 1995
distributed by STERN in USA, and by Colonia in Italy

Accenti, address Rue de Castiglione
distributed by Intercosmetics = between 1997-2003.

Accenti distributed by Colonia Spa,
 batch 30132 =year 2002


Days of Glory.

"...thanks to Tom Ford, during 1994-2004 Gucci becomes a major force in the world of Fashion. Gucci perfumes were produced by Wella, using its own batchcode. The first scent produced under Tom Ford's supervision was "Envy" (for woman, year 1997), followed by "Envy for Men" (year 1998), and others. All these perfumes have in common a strong personality."

An important clue derives from the address on the box:
if: "Scannon, Rue de Castiglione": 1997- 2002
if: "Scannon, Rue Francois 1er": 2003-2008
if: "Scannon, Rue de Miromesnil": 2008-2011
"Prestige&Beautè" label appeared since 2010-2011.

Batch codes:
From 1994, until 2006: "Wella"-style batchcodes (same as Rochas. Briefly: the last number you read is the year.)
2006-2015: "Procter&Gamble"-style batch codes (4 numbers, the first one is the year).


Available as EdT, EdP and Parfum.
"distributed by Intercosmetics" until 2003
discontinued in 2011

Risultati immagini per gucci envy advertisement

Envy, batch 03N8 (Wella-type)
= year 1998, November.

Envy, Year 2008
long list of ingredients

Envy, address Rue de Mirimesnil,
batch 9020 = year 2009

Envy, Eau de Parfum

Envy, Parfum.
Envy, Parfum, year 1997.



reformulated in 2004,
then reformulated again in 2008.
discontinued in 2011.

Risultati immagini per gucci envy for men advertisement

Envy for Men, miniature, year 1998
distributed by Intercosmetics, address "Rue de Castiglione".

Envy for Men, early bottle, year 1998
distributed by Intercosmetics, address "Rue de Castiglione".

Envy for Men, year 2008
Address "Rue de Miromesnil",

Envy for Men, batchcode Wella-style
batch 30108 = October, 1998

Envy for Men, sealed bottle from a Gucci store
Wella-style batch code  01D5EE = December, 2005

Envy For Men, batchcode Procter&Gamble-type
batch 6235 = year 2006

Envy for Men, batchcode Procter&Gamble-style,
9051 = year 2009


Currently on production (2017).

Risultati immagini per gucci rush advertisement

Risultati immagini per gucci rush advertisement

Gucci Rush, address Rue de Castiglione
Wella-style batchcode  0199 = year 1999

Very rare "Summer" edition, Wella-style batchcodes,
batch code 0125TTR = February 2005

Gucci Rush, Procter&Gamble-style batchcode
 7186 = year 2007 (from Ebay)

Rush, year 2010, address Rue de Miromesnil


GUCCI RUSH for Men (2000)
discontinued in 2011.

Risultati immagini per gucci rush for men advertisement

Rush for Men, year 2000,
Address Rue de Castiglione, distributed by Intercosmetics

Gucci Rush for Men, address Rue de Castiglione
Wella style batchcode,  0191T = year 2001 

Very interesting picture from Ebay showing Rush for Men,
Wella-style batchcodes, 0390 = September 2000
and 048O0 = October 2000


GUCCI RUSH 2 (2001)
reformulated in 2008,
discontinued in 2011.

Risultati immagini per gucci rush 2 advertisement

Rush 2, year 2001, address Rue de Castiglione

Rush 2, year 2008, address "Rue Francois 1er" 

Rush2, year 2009. Address Rue de Miromesnil

Rush 2, year 2010, "P&G Prestige" label


GUCCI Eau de Parfum (2002)
never reformulated, 
discontinued in 2011.


Gucci "Eau de Parfum", year 2002
address Rue de Castiglione, short list of ingredients

Gucci Eau de Parfum, year 2005
Address Rue Francois 1er
Gucci Eau de Parfum, year 2009
Address Rue de Miromesnil

GUCCI Eau de Parfum 2 (2003)
currently in production (2017)

Risultati immagini per gucci eau de parfum 2 advertisement

Gucci Eau de Parfum 2, old address Rue de Miromesnil
Batch P&G style,
2082 = year 2012


never reformulated,
discontinued in 2011.

Gucci pour Homme, batchcode Wella-style,
batch 01N5 = November 2005

Gucci pour Homme, address Rue Francois,
with short ingredient list, batchcode: Wella-type
 batch 0163 = year 2003, June.

year 2006 ("Rue Francois") and year 2010 ("Rue Miromesnil")
side-by-side (authentic bottles from a Gucci boutique)

Batchcode Procter&Gamble style, 
old box with short list of ingredients,
batch 7110 = year 2007.


reformulated in 2008,
currently in production (2017)

Risultati immagini per "gucci envy me" advertisement

Envy Me year 2004
Address Rue Francois 1er
Envy me, year 2009
address Rue de Miromesnil

Envy Me, old address "Rue de Miromesnil",
batch code 3007 = year 2013


" the middle of 2006 the production lines shifted from Wella to Procter&Gamble. In this year you can see the change of the batchcodes....."


GUCCI ENVY ME 2 (2006)
discontinued in 2011

Immagine correlata

Envy Me 2, year 2006
Address Rue Francois 1er


reformulated in 2010,
Still in production (2017).

Gucci pour Homme 2, first bottle produced,
address Rue Francois 1er

Gucci pour Homme 2, year 2016, with the very outdated
address Rue de Miromesnil

Gucci pour Homme 2, with the outdated address "Rue de Miromesnil",
batch 5332 = year 2015 

Gucci pour Homme II, year 2017
Coty Label ("Rue du Quatre Septembre").

GucciByGucci (2007)

Nel label P&G, batchcode 8081 = year 2008

After 2010

Gucci by Gucci Sport, launched in 2010, label P&G,
 batch 0188 = year 2010

Typical Gucci boxes produced between 2011 and 2016
with the Prestige Beaute Label

Typical Gucci boxes after 2015,
 with the Coty label

All pictures (source is unknown) provided by friends.
If you are owner of these pictures please send a message and
we 'll immediately remove them.

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