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GUERLAIN Stickers.

Elena and I were very thrilled listening your idea about dating old Guerlain perfumes relying on stickers only, and we checked our old family archives to find out some useful infos identifying all subtle differences you mentioned. It was amusing, a sort of jigsaw puzzle game, and we found some interesting things. It is not 100% accurate, of course, but it could be useful when you have to rely on stickers only, without any further clue (box, codes...). 
We hope this can helps. 
Elena and Vincenzo"

(All pictures were sent from friends around the web, and were purposedly placed side-by-side to the text: if some copyright infringement occurred, please let us know) 

1930s, during the World War II, and
 until end of 1940s.

There are "red&blue" stickers with indications about "province et en Belgique", and roman numbers printed on the right side. Example:


During World War II (for export)

"Red&blue" stickers with words "Made in France". Example:


Since 1950, until 1955-1956.

"Red&blue" stickers (without any indication about Belgium) 
with roman/latin numbers now printed on the left side only.


During 1956/57 until beginning of 1960s.

Monochrome stickers (blue, black, orange, red, green....) appear, with Arabic numerals. Check for the final words "...magasins de Paris". Example:

(Key fact 1: Blue-paper packaging discontinued at the beginning of 1960s 
and replaced  by "dot/coffee beans" box.) 
Last blue paper package

(Key fact 2: during a transition period, you could see "new" monochrome sticker 
with "old" roman numbers, instead of arabic ones, on the left side ) 
Early Monochrome sticker with roman numbers

Since beginning of 1960s until 1967

Monochrome stickers with new final words:
 "..legislation en vigueur", and arabic numerals without any letter (A,B) printed in the left corner. Example:


Since 1967 until 1976 : 

Monochrome stickers with final words "...legislation en vigueur" and a letter (A,B) printed in the left corner. Example:

(Key fact: despite zig-zag boxes report the line "Guerlain, 1967", 
actually during year 1967 we saw "Dots/coffee beans" boxes only)

(Key fact 2: during 1975-1976 we see a monochrome sticker,with letters in the corner,
 and  words "Societè Guerlain")

(Key fact about the "american" bottles if you read "Somers, NY, 10589": Guerlain run a factory/laboratory in Somers, near New York, USA, since early 1970s up late 1980s. )


Since 1976:
classic batch code repeated every 10 years.
(see here)

Year 1976

Year 1978

Year 1978

Year 1980



-Before 1950: "Red&Blue" sticker with indication to "Province and Belgium" and roman numbers on the right side 
-1950-1957: "Red&Blue" sticker without indication to "Belgium" and with roman numbers on left side
-1957-early 1960s: monochrome sticker with arabic numerals only, ending with "...magasins de Paris."
-Early 1960s-1967: monochrome sticker ending with "..legislation en vigueur."
-1967-1976: monochrome sticker with a letter in left corner (usually A or B)
-since 1976 : traditional batch code 


Many thanks to:
Grace Hummel (
Monsieur Guerlain (
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(original source of images unknown since we received all pics through the web: if any infringement occurred, please let us know) 

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  1. This is an absolutely magnificent piece of research that has been one of the fundamental areas of confusion for many a vintage Guerlain enthusiast.

    A million thanks for going to the effort of putting this together.


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