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GUEST REVIEW: "Capucci pour Homme", by T.Grottola.

Tony Grottola is a well-known name in reviewing perfumes, and this time he will illustrate one of his personal favourites: 

"Capucci pour Homme? This is the men's fragrance I've been looking for all along!
If you've read my reviews before and looked at my collection, you should probably be able to gather that I'm a fan of chypres, especially citrus chypres. I used to really like Eau Sauvage, but over time it's been reformulated and the citrus was flattened a lot. 

The original Eau Sauvage lives on in Capucci Pour Homme, but with a pleasant surprise - a Jo Malone-esque lime and basil accord in the top that lasts through the drydown. It blends flawlessly with the fruity-chypre heart and peppery neroli accord; not just that, but I can smell some hefty oakmoss in the base, and, like all good chypres, it resonates a "warmth" from my skin, a type of warmth that I can only smell in a well-made chypre. 

Capucci Pour Homme is a great everyday fragrance, especially for someone like me - it's intellectual, but caring and loving; it's intelligent but not a smart ass, and it's classy without being pretentious. It lasts for at least six hours on the back of my hand, and over seven on my wrists and arms. If you're a fan of classic men's fragrances, chypres, citrus fragrances, citrus chypres, or all of the above, then you need to try Capucci Pour Homme before there's no more left. It really is a hidden gem. 

Capucci Pour Homme also has powderiness in it, which brings it sort of close to Chanel Pour Monsieur, or, Chanel for Men in the vintage formulation. Also something peculiar is a noticeable lavender note, and when you think lavender, you probably think of a fougere. 

Yet, Capucci Pour Homme smells like, and is more structurally like a chypre. So how about that? It's sort of a chypre-fougere hybrid, a rare occurrence in perfumery. When the weather gets too warm for Patou Pour Homme, I'll break out the Capucci Pour Homme and bask in its glory."


Who is Tony Grottola?

Tony Grottola is a young fragrance fanatic who has had a passion for, and fascination with perfumery and all things related since he was eleven years old. He has written numerous reviews on various websites on the Internet for fragrances, and has also made fragrance-related videos on YouTube.
While recent changes in life have caused Tony to fall a bit out of touch with the fragrance world, he still maintains it as his favorite passion, and currently (2015) is a fragrance salesman at Macy's, as well.


"Capucci pour Homme" (year 1967)

1960s and 1970s (early bottles)

1970s and early 1980s (different box, same bottle)

1980s (different fonts on the bottle)

1989-1998 (different box and bottle)

SINCE 1998 (different box)
1998-2014 (produced by "Weruska&Joel")
2015-ongoing (produced by "Extraordinary Fragrances")

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  1. Fabulous scent, surpasses even the great Eau Sauvage. Thanks to both of you, André, and Tony!


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