lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

Picture of the Day: "Baglietto" (1987)

Baglietto Raidersofthelostscent
"BAGLIETTO: The last delivery".

During 1987, now-disappeared company R.P Denis launched "BAGLIETTO", a new Eau de Toilette for Men, inspired by famous nautical shipyards with the same name. Unusually, it was not an "aquatic" scent as you could think, but a very "fresh and green" one. Almost completely forgotten in our days, it was a well crafted scent, elegant, refined, characterized by a high sillage. You can say it,  a "gentle powerhouse".
Starting with pleasant herbal, citrusy notes, "Baglietto" had an amazing evolution, shifting almost completely direction, ending with dry, woody echoes.
In a nutshell, "Baglietto" was strong and delicate at the same time, moving from herbs to woods, as a sort of "landscape traveller".
It was on production for a few years only, before R.P. Denis ceased operations in 1989. Difficult to find nowadays, but it could be worthy if you love strong fresh, herbal scents.

2 commenti:

  1. Andre, was there a feminine Baglietto's version? I found a mini on ebay (announced as feminine) and bought it anyway. There's nothing pointing it as "pour homme" in the box. But what puzzles me is that the bottle is exactly as shown in the picture above and the scent after a citrusy opening, dries down to a strong powdery and somewhat fresh accord, but in a dated and floral way, initially as if It contained Lilly... My wife asked me why I was wearing a feminine fragrance...

  2. it was released only as an "unisex ", single version. A Very rare scent indeed, produced apparently only during 1987-1989.


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