giovedì 10 luglio 2014

Dior Homme Intense UPDATE 2014.

(please note: this is a review of  "year 2014" batches only.
If you want know what happened during years 2007-2013, read HERE

Since so many friends asked me to investigate about Dior Homme Intense "Year 2014" batches, I had quick calls with a professionally-involved friend. He collected DHI "year-2014- labelled" bottles (actually, a few testers). Then we met inside his perfume shop, and I performed the blind test in the back room, away from the main hall (the classic perfume shop is one of the worst places where to perform tests, indeed).

We had: 
-the reference DHI bottle (the first one produced, year 2007) 
-one bottle dated "2013" ( October )
-three bottles dated "2014" ( January, February, March )
At the end, I brought back home all paper stripes inside plastic envelopes, for longevity tests.

Here are the samples:

The "Golden Standard" (reference bottle)
batch 7H01 = year 2007
(without the word "Vaporisateur/Spray" on the front)

Batch 3X01 = 2013, October.

Batch 4N01 = 2014, January

Batch 4P02 = 2014, February

Batch 4Q01 = 2014, March.

5-samples blind test

Results: good news for you. All "year 2014" batches (January, February and March) appear to be identical to the "year 2013".
I noticed only a slight difference with the "Golden Standard" (year 2007). Probably the "year 2007" bottle is the best one ever, but differences are minimal, in my opinion.
Longevity is very high -as usual- on paper (many, many hours), and I could say "enormous" on clothes (it lasts several days, I sprayed it on a cotton t-shirt, too....)
Sillage/projection is very high. You can smell DHI even 2 meters (six or seven feet) far away. 
In my opinion DHI remains a very solid scent in 2014.
Iris, vanilla, and cocoa are intense -and persistent- in all batches considered. 
There are no traces of the famous/infamous "year 2011-2012 reformulation" that wiped off all cocoa notes.

Conclusion: if you are a Dior Homme Intense "vintage" fan, you can buy any year 2014 batch without any problem. You will not disappointed.

(Disclaimer  I am not involved with Christian Dior perfumes house in any way, and I have no personal interests or affairs in evaluting perfumes)

10 commenti:

  1. Great news, thanks for this.
    So could You do the same thing with BODY KOUROS?

  2. Hi there, amazing blog you have! Two quick questions if you wouldn't mind:

    1) Batch 4U01 is from 2014, right?

    2) Have you tested Dior Homme Intense against the very recently launched Dior Homme Parfum? I swear Dior are trying to make me insane...

  3. How is the 4S01 batch? Would that be a September batch? Thanks

    1. Hi! According the last article published on year 2014 bottles, the 4S01 batch is perfectly fine. 4S01 means "2014, May", not September.

  4. hello i have a bottle wits the code 4x01
    please can you tell me if its the same quality like the others from January, February and March?
    thank you :)

  5. hello. do you have any info about the 4S02 batch?? thanks

    1. Hi, I batch 4Sxx appear to be good. In my opinion all year 2014 batches are similar each other.

  6. Thank you! Can't wait for the 2015 update!!!!! I hope you continue this series forever! It's highly appreciated and useful!
    Cheers! /Mickey

  7. Thank you! Can't wait for the 2015 update!!!!! I hope you continue this series forever! It's highly appreciated and useful!
    Cheers! /Mickey


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