domenica 19 gennaio 2014

Guerlain LIDGE: the First and the Last (2005-2013)

Since there are so many rumors about possible discontinuation / reformulation / watering down, I got three different L'Instant De Guerlain Extreme pour Homme (LIDGE) bottles, from three different ages. The beginning (batch 5H01 = year 2005), the last one before "discontinuation" rumors came out (2T01 = year 2012) and the last on shelves (batch 3X01, late 2013): I made a blind test, confronting these three samples (see pictures).

There are no significant differences in composition. The only minor- very minor - difference is a sort of faster "fading away" in the third sample (year 2013) after 12 hours, on paper.
On skin all samples had a longevity about 6/7 hours. I personally consider this longevity perfectly acceptable. I's likely a reformulation happened but it was a very well handled one.
In my opinion, at least until batch 3X01 (october 2013), there are no worries.

batch 5H01 = year 2005

batch 2T01 = year 2012

batch 3X01 = year 2013 


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