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"DIOR HOMME" : 9-batches blind test

dior homme intense

For the DIOR HOMME INTENSE tests see here
For the batch-numbers code ("Christian Dior"), see here
For the "Year 2014" update, see here.

Dior Homme, the Eau de Toilette launched in 2005, had a lot of controversies similarly to its bigger brother EdP "Homme Intense", because of a "reformulation" that took place during previous years (as in the "Intense" version) and sparked speculations of all kinds (and hoarding, and obviously price increases).
In this article, an analysis of the alleged differences between the various years of "Dior Homme" will occur, using a total of NINE different bottles from 2005 up to 2013.
Assuming that reformulation happened somewhere in 2010- 2011, we have:
- two bottle batched year 2005: the earlier ones produced
- a bottle batched year 2008
- a bottle batched year 2009
- a bottle batched year 2011
- two bottle batched year 2012
- two bottle batched year 2013
(see pictures below)
The test was conducted according to the rules of the "blind test" ( you will find a summary here ).
Since it's very difficult, even for a skilled nose, to "detect" differences between 9 similar samples, test were "splitted" using only 3-4 paper stripes each time, reporting differences every time and re-mixing stripes after each test.

If the most important question to answer is: did a reformulation happen, or not?, similarly to the "Dior Homme Intense" tests, well, the answer is *difficult*: while in the EdP (Intense) version a difference between batches is clearly evident -although slightly-, in the EdT differences between batches are more subtle, and only related to 2011 and 2012 bottles. these two years appear *maybe* a bit lighter than others. During the blind tests, it's rather difficult to detect REAL differences between (for example) year 2005 and year 2012: there is an impression of "lighter/heavier" samples only. You could guess to spray twice the "reformulated" bottles, to obtain the same effect of "vintage".
Then, year 2013 bottles are nearly identical to the early ones: even the juice appear -side-by-side- with the same, identical color (see pictures).
More, there are no differences between years from 2005 up to 2009.
Overall, it seems for two years (2011-2012) there were a "lighter" version, but now (year 2013) the scent has been restored to the "early" version.

If discussions about the reformulation of "Dior Homme Intense" seemed to be the classic "storm in a tea cup", in the case of "Dior Homme" (EdT version) there are no storms at all. The scent is very good and performs the best on clothes more than "on skin". Actually, both Dior Homme (EdT and Intense) are scents mainly intended to be sprayed on clothes.
On fabric/textiles, differences are even more negligible. All you obtain is a marvelous fragrance of Iris and Vanilla with a light Cocoa background (EdT version), or with a stronger amount of Cocoa (Edp, Intense Version).
Don't be fooled by "reformulation" discussions, this is not the case: there are immensely worse reformulations around.
Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense are very good scents, in every incarnation.

(UPDATE: according to some, during late 2013 (september-october) another "reformulation" happened: to be verified soon).

raiders of the lost scent
Differences between early and late boxes:
"Eau de Toilette" is written inside the black square.

raiders of the lost scent
Early bottles: batch numbers on back of the bottle (not bottom)
batch code 5F03 (year 2005)

raiders of the lost scent
Another "vintage" box batched 5H02 (year 2005):
note the word "LIMONENE" in the ingredients list:
it's always in the FIRST row.
raiders of the lost scent
Year 2013 box batched 3P01: the ingredient "LIMONENE"
it's in the second row (not in the first row anymore)

raiders of the lost scent
batch code 2P02 = year 2012  (black stem)

raiders of the lost scent
Batch code 1V01 = year 2011
(it's not "vintage", ingredient LIMONENE is in second row)

raiders of the lost scent
Year 2008 (8X02)  and year 2013 (3N02) boxes
(ingredients are different: "vintage" boxes report "LIMONENE" in the first row)

raiders of the lost scent
year 2013 and year 2008 comparison: same juice color
(black stem bottle appears slightly darker due to black reflections)

raiders of the lost scent
9-batches test from 2005 up to 2013

raiders of the lost scent
Blind test

raiders of the lost scent
Dior "Homme" (and "Homme Intense") :
BEST results are on clothes (fabric/textiles),
more than "on skin".

2 commenti:

  1. i don't know if dior homme was again reformulated or not but i know that i have a bottle from january 2013 and i just smelled in one store dior homme from december 2013 and it is a huge difference of iris i think!from the start when you remove the cap.....mine is calmed down smell but this one ''new''is so powerfull omg.....i dont know what to say....!mine lasts 10+ hours on my skin but not suck mind blowing start.....?!?! what is happening DIOR?

  2. I'm convinced of the first reformulation. the start felt the same as the original, but would be become coco and vanilla alone after and at the very end a tiny whisper of what might have been a wonderful perfume on the skin. it disappeared fast.
    but I tested it yesterday by chance, and I was taken back to 2008. no more of that lonely coco/vanilla throughout.
    I came on line to confirm my suspicions. I glad to see someone else noticed this.
    It must have been reformulated near the end of 2013, because throughout the year I was still smelling the same lesser version.
    I’m so happy! I will be getting this again!


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