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OPIUM: Vintage Bottles Parade.

opium YSL

"It will be the Greatest, and
we will call it Opium"  
(Yves Saint Laurent, 1976)

A show trying to identify Opium bottles through the years.
(Warning: for more infos about YSL batch-numbers and codes, see here )

date launch: year 1977.
Status: still in production. 
1977- 1986: Bottles and boxes with "Yves Saint Laurent, Paris" label style
1986- 1993: Bottles and boxes with "YSL Parfums Corp." and/or "N.Y, Paris" label
1993- 1999: Bottles and boxes with "Sanofi" label. (Sanofi Era started in 1993, ended in 1999)
1999- 2007: Bottles and boxes with "YSL Parfums" and "Neuilly" label ( PPR-GUCCI Era)
(since 2004: 4-digits i.e. 1 number + 3 letters batch code)
(since 2005: long list of "ingredients" printed on boxes)
2008- 2011: Bottles and boxes with generic "YSL" label (without the word "Parfums") AND the "B.R.I" (l'Oreal). label
since 2011: Bottles and boxes with "YSL Beaute" label
(Warning: during transition periods, box and labels were mixed up, and used incorrectly)

(note: some pictures were taken from the web, Ebay, social networks. I'll remove immediately under request) 
Please pay attention to images labeled WARNING.

opium YSL
Bottom of box, "YSL Paris" label, batch 4312
year 1984
(other numbers are not related with batches)

opium YSL
Generic YSL Parfums Corp. label
it means years 1986 to 1993
Bottom of box, "Parfums Corp." label
batch 2321, year 1992

opium YSL
"Parfums Corp." label, batch 23371
year 1992

opium YSL
"New York  Paris" label  = "Parfums Corp."
batch  61302 = probably year 1986   
opium YSL
(from ebay) WARNING "Parfums Corp." label
batch 41301 = year 1994
(NOTE: it should be a "Sanofi" label)

opium YSL
"Parfums Corp." / N.Y.Paris style label
label 61442, probably year 1986

"Parfums.Corp", batch nr.53171= year 1985 

opium YSL
Uncommon label:
"Parfums Corp." label, Made in USA
(years 1986-1993)
Parfums Corp.  + barcode
batch 1294 = year 1991

opium YSL
"Sanofi" label,  batch 81261
year 1998

opium YSL
"Sanofi" label , batch 93571
year 1999
Bottom of box, "Sanofi" label
year 1996.
opium YSL
"Sanofi" label, batch 73091
year 1997
opium YSL
"YSL Parfums" label + NEUILLY
batch 5AAA, year 2005
Neully Cedex (PPR-Gucci Era)
batch 41181 = year 2004

opium YSL
"YSL Parfums" label + NEUILLY
batch 8BAB, year 2008

raiders lost scent
WARNING there are two numbers. the batch code is the number ending with "1" or "2".
in this case 03872
Years = 1980 OR 1990 OR 2000 (you have to check the box)

(from ebay) WARNING: "Parfums Corp.", years 1986-1993
batch 4208 = year 1994
(it should be a "Sanofi" box)

Opium with barcode on the box, without the long list of ingredients
=  between 1990 and 2004-2005
= after 2004-2005

Sanofi label  batch 91941 = year 1999

opium YSL
"YSL Parfums" label + Neuilly
batch 7CAA = year 2007
opium YSL
"YSL Parfums" label + NEUILLY
batch 40262, year 2004

opium YSL
YSL Parfums + Neuilly + BRI (L'Oreal)
batch 9BCA = year 2009

opium YSL
"YSL Parfums" label, + NEUILLY + BRI (L'Oreal)
batch  8BAA = year 2008

opium YSL
"YSL Parfums" label + NEUILLY
batch 6IAA, year 2006

(from ebay)
WARNING: "Parfum Corp." (notice the New York label)
years 1986-1993, batch number 50881
=year 1995 
(it should be a Sanofi label)

(from ebay) "Parfums Corp.", (years 1986-1993)
batch number 12941
= year 1991

batch with numbers and letters 9BCA + BRI (L'Oreal)
= year 2009

opium YSL
Generic "YSL" label without the word "Parfums".
years 2008-2011

(....and more to add)

7 commenti:

  1. Hi ! First of all, let me congratulate you for your site which is full of great and very useful information !

    I've just acquired a 15 ml bottle of Opium Parfum. It has the first kind of box you have presented above, but sadly there's no batch code on the bottom of the box... Is it "normal" ?

    When you remove the plastic case can a code be found on the bottle ? I would have liked to be able to date more precsisely my bottle...

    Thanks in advance for your help ! ;-)

    1. Hi, there *should* be a batch code somewhere on the box AND on the bottle. The batch code is written on the bottom of the box or around the black base of the box. It could be "engraved" (carved) or printed with black ink. In this case, being "black ink on black background ", you should check it under a light. However, the same code is written on the bottom of the bottle, and you will easily see it opening the box.
      A Final word: the first edition of Opium (1977-1986) is the "best of the best", and is not so important to know if it's 1979 or 1985. Enjoy it or store it, it will gain great value during next years. A.M.

  2. Ciao,

    io ho un Opium Pour Homme EDP marchiato Parfums Corps (posso fornire foto)... il profumo è uscito nel 1995, quindi l'indicazione relativa a Parfums Corp fino al 1993 dovrebbe essere errata.

    1. Complimenti per la sua acuta osservazione. E infatti il caso di "Opium pour Homme" è considerato una epitome della confusione in cui ci si trova quando si passa da una gestione all'altra, come ha fatto notare Jeffrey Dame, ex manager di Caron, in una intervista qualche tempo fa. Nei momenti di transizione tra una fase e l'altra è molto facile che vengano mischiate etichette, flaconi e quant'altro. Nella fattispecie Opium maschile era già pronto durante la fase "ParfumCorp.", all'inizio degli anni 90. Venne tuttavia messo sul mercato nel 1995 quando ormai la proprietà era SANOFI il packaging era già pronto da qualche anno. Se non vado errato Andrè ne parla anche nel post dedicato ai profumi YSL.
      A risentirla,

  3. You show the Sanofi bottles with a 5 digit batch code. However, at another place on your site ( you discuss dating YSL bottles and say that the batch codes for the Sanofi years will be in the format 3XXX with the first number being the year and the other characters alpha. I am very confused. Can you clarify this for me?

    1. Hi John , put simply, batches on the box has 4 digits. Batches on the bottom of the bottles have 5-digits instead . the first 4 digits are the same; the fifth digit is usually "1" or "2".
      Example : on the box you read 9123. On the bottom of the bottle wou will read "91231" or "91232". The most important number is the first one, in this case 9, indicating the year.

  4. This bottle does not have anything embossed on the bottom. Is it a forgery?

    eBay item number:


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